Answers to 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions! Calgary Newborn Photography Session

Are you expecting a baby or recently had a baby and are considering booking a newborn session?

Are you excited for your baby’s photoshoot but don’t have a clue about how things work before, during and after the session?

In this post I’ll answer the most frequently asked questions about newborn photoshoots to help you understand the process and have an idea if what to expect.

  1. When is the best time for a newborn session?

The ideal time for a newborn session is the first 3 weeks of baby’s life. During this time, babies are usually more sleepy and flexible and can be more easily posed. During this time I also have a large variety of props, set ups and outfits that will be the perfect fit for your baby. However, this timeline does not apply to babies that were born prematurely.

If your baby has passed the ideal time for a newborn session, we can still do the photoshoot and get stunning images of your baby in their current age. Just keep in mind that the posing and use of props might be more limited.  

  1. Can we do family and / or sibling photos during our newborn session?

Absolutely! I love capturing family photos and sibling photos. We usually star the session with family and sibling photos and then we focus on baby’s photos.

  1. Can you come to our home foe the newborn session?

Yup! If you want me to come to your home we can arrange an in home newborn session. However, please keep in mind the session will be lifestyle and we will only use what you have in your home. We do not take props, outfits or set ups to clients homes.
Also, there will be an on location fee added to your package.  

  1. Do you provide outfits for the baby or do I need to bring my own?

I have everything we need for baby for your newborn photos. I also have maternity gowns available and mom can use one my gowns for the family photos.

  1. What if my baby cries the whole session?

I get asked this questions ALL the time. As a parent myself I remember wondering the same thing before my son’s newborn photos many years ago.
When we finalize your session date and time, you will be sent the prep info. If you follow the prep info (most importantly bringing a soother and bringing bottled milk for the baby) I will do everything on my end to ensure your baby is as calm and as happy and cozy as possible.

  1. Is a newborn session safe for my baby?

When you hire a professional and experienced newborn photographer your baby is absolutely being taken care of and is in safe hands!

Safety is top priority during your newborn photography session with me. I have been doing newborn photography since 2011. I have been trained in newborn posing, safety and handling and follow all safety guidelines recommended by professional organizations. All the props I carry are frequently inspected to make sure your baby is safe.
I also prefer to wear a mask while working with newborns as an extra level of protection for your little one.

  1. Can we bring extended family to our newborn photoshoot?

I often shoot newborn sessions with extended family. It is mostly grandparents, parents and the baby. Sometimes people include baby’s uncles/aunts/cousins and other family members. If the amount of people you would like to include in the session can be physically accommodated in my studio, you can absolutely include extra people in your session. All of my packages cover up to 5 people. Each extra person added afterwards has an additional fee added to the package.

  1. Can I include my pet in my newborn’s photoshoot?

Unfortunately, my studio is pet free due to allergies. You will not be able to include your pet in my studio.  

  1. Am I allowed to bring my own props / cultural items?

Yes! I LOVE it when clients bring their own unique and special items to be incorporated into their session. Please let me know in advance if you have any specific items you would like to bring and I would love to see a photo of the item so that I can think of the best way to incorporate your item in one of the set ups we will use.

  1. How and when do I get my photos?

Within 3 days after your photoshoot, you will receive a link to your online, password protected gallery. You will then choose the amount of photos that are included in the package you chose. If you are interested in more photos, this is the time to add extra images to your packages and / or prints, wall art, albums, etc. Once you have selected your photos and have paid for any extras (if applicable), you will be able to choose 1 of your images to be edited and sent to you via Google folder within a couple of days. The remaining of your digital edited images will be done within 3 weeks.   

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