5 Tips to Make Your Portrait Photography Stand Out

Taking great pictures is much more than just pointing your camera and clicking a button. It takes a good eye, a lot of practice, and considerable skill to capture ideal shots, and portraits are no exception. Here are five tips to help your portrait photography stand out.

1. Change Your Perspective as a Calgary Photographer

Portraits are often taken around eye level, which is ideal most of the time. But occasionally changing your perspective as a Calgary photographer and shooting from a high or low position can give you a unique image.

2. Experiment with Eye Contact during Portrait Photography

Eye contact is important, having the subject looking down at the camera helps create a connection between the subject and viewer. But Calgary portrait photographers can try changing things up by having the subject look at something else; this helps the picture feel more like a story.

3. Calgary Portrait Photographers Disobey the Rule of Thirds

Knowing when to use and when to break the rule of thirds makes a big difference in your portrait photography. Sometimes putting the subject right in the middle or way off to one side of the shot creates a dramatic effect that stands out.

4. Play with Lighting as a Photographer

Calgary portrait photographers appreciate the importance of lighting. You can completely change the look and feel of your portraits by experimenting with different lighting such as side lighting and backlighting.

5. Allow Your Subjects to be Candid

Posed shots are the backbone of a portrait session, but sometimes they feel stiff and formal. If the subject is having a hard time loosening up in front of the camera, let them do something more natural and relaxing for awhile and go for some candid shots to get a real smile.

Improve your skills as a Calgary photographer and help your portrait shots stand out by experimenting with these five tips.

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