How To Prepare For An In Studio Vs. On Location Calgary Photography Session

Photography sessions are a perfect way to capture special moments in your life, whether it’s a wedding, newborn, or a portrait session. Photo shoots are divided into two main categories: in studio and on location. In many ways, the preparation for both of these photoshoots is similar, but there are some differences that should be taken into account. Here’s a look at how to prepare for an in studio vs. on location Calgary photography session.

In Studio Portrait Photography

In studio photography offers a number of benefits, including the following:

  • More control often results in better pictures.
  • A variety of backdrops, props, and equipment creates just the right look.
  • Lower risk of rescheduling due to weather, lighting, and other factors.

Prepare for studio portrait photography by choosing clothing that suits your style and the space. There’s more freedom for patterns and colours in studio because there are fewer background distractions, but it’s still best to stick with something fairly simple with no busy prints.

On Location Calgary Photography

On location photography also offers a number of benefits:

  • People often feel more relaxed and natural outside.
  • People often have places that are significant for them.
  • Kids have space to run around and you can get more candid photos

Prepare for an on location portrait photography session by talking to your photographer about location possibilities and scheduling. On location shoots ideally should be scheduled in the morning or 1-2 hours before sunset to avoid harsh overhead lighting. However, talk to your photographer if they can accommodate a daytime session. You should also create a backup plan in case the weather turns sour. Choose simple clothing that’s free of distracting patterns or colours.

Your Calgary Photography Session

Whether you choose an in studio or on location Calgary photography session, try to relax and enjoy the process. If there are specific poses you would like to do, make sure to talk to your photographer about that in advance. From Calgary wedding photography to newborn photography and more, having fun during the session is key.

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