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Assassins Creed Film 2015

Assassins Creed is an open world, stealth based action adventure game with so much variety that it would be crazy to try and keep it limited to one genre of game play. This game has seriously redefined open world gaming, since the dawn of Grand Theft Auto. After the release of this game, many critics applauded it for it’s beautiful style of narration, the intense story line and the amazing blend of traditional environments with a science fiction story. Such is the depth in the franchise’s story that now Ubisoft Motion pictures is developing a full length feature film based on this game. Assassins Creed film 2015 will have much action and goodness in store. Let’s analyze this news in a little bit more detail.

Assassins Creed Film 2015 : Details.

The producer of this film also has an important part in the film. Some rumors are already around that the famous actor would portray Desmond Miles on the big screen though it’s not sure as of yet and is still an unconfirmed rumor. The acclaimed screenwriter has rewritten the script to better suit the big screen.

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20th Century Fox is now the official distributor of theAssassins Creed Film 2015, earlier the role was being assigned to Sony Entertainment, but they reportedly had a fallout with Ubsoft Entertainment.

The IMDB website for theAssassins Creed Film 2015 states the story in it’s simplest avatar where it tells us that Desmond Miles who is a bartender is kidnapped by employees of Abstergo Industries which is secretly a Templar Organization. They force him to relive the genetic memories of his ancestors, who we’re Assassins through the use of an advanced machine called the Animus. Th objective is to retrieve powerful plus dangerous artifacts called Pieces of Eden.


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