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Selling Your Artwork Requires Confidence and Persistence

One of the biggest problems that cause artists to fail when trying to sell their art is FEAR. So many of the artists I have talked to are just too afraid to apply for their local art show, too afraid to put up a blog, too afraid to submit to galleries and so on. The bad part about it is that most of these artists can paint, draw, sculpt and photograph circles around some of the more seasoned artists.

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What I found most is that all this fear and doubt is all in the mind. Some of these artists believe in their mind that they cant, when in reality THEY CAN. The challenge is to get from I Cant to I CAN.


This may sound like a clich but you have to think positive. You can never fully reach your full potential unless you change your thinking and began to see yourself as a winner. This may sound like those motivational books but you get my drift. Your thinking has a lot to do with pushing forward and signing-up for an art show or calling a gallery to set-up an appointment or simply creating a body of work. When you do push through your fears and start making steps to selling your art remember that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Microsoft is notorious for this. Even though they put out their newest version of Windows they don’t wait until it’s perfect. They work out the kinks when they get reports from the customers.

One artist I met in North Carolina overcame his fears and doubt by creating a large sign that stated Believe in Yourself and put it where he creates his artwork in his studio. He attached the sign where he could see it on a daily basis to remind himself to push forward and believe in himself. (And it worked)

Guess what? I did it too and it does work! Looking at a sign that says Believe in Yourself while you are working on your art does something to you. You are constantly building up the courage to persevere in taking steps to reaching your goals as a successful artist. I would suggest you try it as well and just get your work out there.

For more info about selling your artwork and stepping out on faith is a ebook called “Get Your Art Out There”. It is a great read and I would encourage you to check it out as well.


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