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Podcasts are different tech, more casual-seeming.

Podcasts are different tech, more casual-seeming; it’s on the fly and cheap. But, like anything else, most of the crap out there will disappear and roll over. There’ll be a few more waves of stuff, and then the best will survive and a weening out process will have occurred.

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Somehow a gate will be erected, probably regulated, that protects people from the sluice of mediocrity out there and charges them for the pleasure.That’s what the smartest people in the world are trying to figure out while you and I listen to “Bob and Mike Talk About Their Shoes.” We’ll remember these days like kinescope — it’ll get expensive, but probably not better.


It reminds me of the stand-up comedy boom in the early ’80s — suddenly, there we’re all these venues springing up — so all these people who thought being funny at work was the same as having an act got up on stage and killed it. Now all those clubs are Korean nail salons.

My guess is we’re standing on the beach of something as big as both the sound and television eras.Those innovations we’re revolutionary but they never affected the Larry David-to-actual talent ratio. Sound may have accelerated Chaplin’s decline but no one ever replaced him just because we could hear them talk — just like no one will replace Larry David simply because everyone has a television camera in their pocket. There’s going to be a riptide and a lot of industry people my age who aren’t taking advantage of this calm before the storm are going to get sucked under and disappear. It’ll happen very quickly.

That’s the joke, really — building more theaters with state of the art lighting grids never made shitty plays any better — and being able to watch a little television in your hand isn’t going to change the ratio of crap-to- Curb Your Enthusiasm either.Try as we may to fill our empty moments with zipping, dinging, Yahoo-ing, Googling, tweets and pings, there’s still only one Larry David.

That’s what keeps me from getting either too excited or too nervous about how fast things are changing. Because there’s a reason the closest anyone’s come to replacing Seinfeld is Curb — just like there’s a reason so many movies, television shows, music and, yes, podcasts, suck harder than a roomful of Tenth Avenue hookers.

You guested on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Showin 2009. Are there any other podcasts you’d like to be on?

Well, I’d love to do Never Not Funny and hang out withPardo. He’s pretty ideal for podcasting, because he’s very good at running with a moment without dipping into anything mundane — and his friends are smart, they all work well together.


Would you consider podcasting as a way to expand your career or as a creative outlet?

I suppose if I have an idea that seems interesting to me for the long run it might be fun.<[b>Janeane]Garofaloused to tell me to get up on stage and try stand up. I did and I was fine — and I don’t rule it out, but I wouldn’t want to do that or podcasting just because there’s a mic and a group willing to listen.

I’m a pretty good balance for show business because I enjoy myself, but I also find meritless attention painful to witness and experience. It’s a good barometer for me.

What about social media?

We’re really a very blessed generation to have our lives cleaved down the middle by such a huge paradigm shift in communication — time has collapsed and it keeps collapsing. The difference we get to experience is staggering.

But with all this new tech I don’t have any more friends than I did ten years ago. I probably have less, which is what’s always happened. Access isn’t anything but itself in the end — but if I look at what all my machines tell me, I have thousands of friends. But I don’t. I have about eight.

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