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How I Got My LiteraryAgent

Due to the distance and time difference between the US and Australia, The Call was a series of emails instead. I contacted all the other agents who had partials (and queries with partial chapters attached) to let them know I’d received an offer of rep, and two requested the full manuscript to read, while another one who had partial chapters stepped aside because she was at a conference and didn’t have time to read within the one week deadline. (By this stage I’d heard back from the Australian publisher with a kind rejection and some feedback about my book not fitting their list).

The other two agents read quickly but ultimately stepped aside, leaving the decision very easy for me. But to be honest, I would have chosen Amy anyway because she really gets my book and loves my characters. Shes the agent I’d wanted all along and it was like everything aligned for it to happen this way.

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So, at the beginning of October, I signed an agency agreement with Signature Literary, and set about making the revisions Amy and I had discussed. It took me about five weeks to revise and polish including cutting around 3000 needless words and then just over a week for Amy to read and give me the thumbs up. We we’re ready to do this thing!

And now here we are on submission, one week in.

When you read lots of How I Got My Agent stories, one thing quickly becomes clear there are so many different ways to break into this publishing game. Whether it’s traditional querying, entering contests, keeping in touch on social media, or participating in conferences (all of which feature in my own story), the important thing is to get yourself out there and try. You can’t possibly predict how your book is going to be received, so do your homework, try to be as professional as possible, and get it off your hard drive and out into the world. Learn from rejections, be open to suggestions, have faith in your abilities, and chase the dream!

And something I tell myself all the time: You have just as much chance as everyone else. Just keep going!

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