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I'm working on a couple different projects at the moment and my own reading habits have been drifting a bit to random things. All of this got me thinking about setting. For my own work, I've noticed that I've recently had some pieces set in Italy and England, while I've been struggling to drag myself back to the stories that I've set in my own backyard. My reading habits have fallen in the same category. I float back and forth between the two camps on a regular basis both in my writing and my reading, and I wondered if you're the same. Or do you have a standard preference?

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I think there are times in which I want to completely escape. When I'm deep in a book, I want to go far away to a place I have never been before. I want to read about places that are romantic, filled with exquisite architecture and a deep history. Or maybe I want to go somewhere that's a little dangerous just to get my blood pumping. I've always loved to travel and books are a great way of jetting off to a distant world that you may or may not ever see. And I'm not talking science-fiction. That's for another day.

And then there are times that I will drift to the small town story or the Southern story. I get the warmth and coziness of a familiar place, while having the chance to walk around in someone else's shoes for a time.

So when you read a book, how far do you want to go when you escape? Across the block or across the globe?

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