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The beauties of antique furniture

One of the beauties of antique furniture is the stories they hold a little bit like walls, if only they could talk, I’m sure we would all be mesmerized by their tales.

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Sometimes, it is possible to find out some information about the piece such as where it was made, who created it, the exact year or decade. If it was damaged and is repaired, sometimes the repair or alteration tells it’s own tale. The library table above is of wonderful quality I wonder how many people have sat at it to write their letters and do their paperwork.

Have you ever bought an antique and found interesting items inside it? Hand written notes detailing how an old radio works best or what battery to use for it. An old tin containing thread and needles in an old Singer sewing machine table. The inscriptions inside old books details the giver and the receiver along with the date or occasion make these books seem all the more special sometimes.

People love stories. Anyone providing tutorials or lessons in improving one’s presentation skills always mentions how stories will keep an audience entertained, stories will hook them in, the story is what they will remember long after the rest of the information you provided has faded.

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