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Art Marketing 101: How to create art that sells:

One of the biggest downfalls that artists make when selling art is not creating art that people like. I know a lot of artists would disagree on why art should be created and if you should make art for arts sake or for profit. Well this article is designed for the latter. If you are interested in creating art to sell in galleries, art festivals, and gift shops this article is for you. Now back to business. If you want to make money from your art you definitely need to think about what type of art you are going to create for profit. I’m not talking about what medium to use, that’s totally up to you. The medium you use has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. I’m talking about what colors you use, the theme you create your work from, and dimensions you use. These are just a few things to consider ensuring some success at selling your art. Let’s talk about each one in more detail.

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Lesson 1. The theme, niche or technique. I know of an artist that paints very well but hardly sells her paintings because she paints images of her and her boyfriend in deep dark undertones. Now she goes to art shows trying to sell her art and wonders why she is not making any sales. Well, who do you know that would want a painting of some man or woman with dark undertones in the painting? Not me. I would rather have a painting that makes me feel happy or uplifting in some way rather than sad. Lesson one, create art that people would enjoy having over their living room wall and enjoy showing off to their friends. It doesn’t matter as much what type of technique you use to create it but more so the tone of the artwork and the subject matter. I know sometimes you want to make a statement with your art but of you want to make some easy sells online, at your local art gallery or at an art festival create art that’s inviting and light. Leave the deep stuff for the museums and art competitions. You have to think in terms of what the people want. I know I may get a lot of flack about this but I’m trying to help put some money in your pockets. Another thing you may want to think about is your geographic area. If you live near the beach, paint beach scenes, dock scenes and so on. If you live in a city where it thrives off of music create art that represents just that. I bet you it will sells.

Lesson 2. Choose the Right Color. This does not have to be just to paintings. This can go with photography, ceramics and other mediums. Choose your color carefully. Remember when I talked about my friend who loves to paint dark-toned paintings of her friends, well you can image what colors she used to create her paintings, dark gray, black, and dark blues which gave a dark feeling to her painting.

Lesson 3. Dimensions. When selling your art you want to think about the size in which to create your art relative to the venue in which you are selling. If you are about to participate in your local arts and crafts festival you may want to stick to producing more of your smaller pieces and show only a few larger pieces in order to have a good turnout. If you are doing a one man show at one of the upscale galleries you bring out more of the big pieces and along with a few small pieces but definitely let your larger pieces be the main attraction.

In all, selling your art can be a fun adventure if done right. Thinking of your niche, colors and dimensions when selling your art is pertinent. The more you know about various techniques for selling your art the better. I would encourage you to continue educating yourself on strategies for selling your art.

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