Composition: Scale and Perspective

People attribute meaning to scale in their daily lives all the time. For example, what does the size of someone's house say about him or her? Or, what's the difference between offending a huge muscular man or a little old lady? Scale lends meaning to things, and it doesn't matter whether those things are real or on canvas. Whether in art or in the rest of our lives, when we discuss the scale of something, we are comparing it either to another specific thing or to a standard unit of measurement. Take the size of a house for example. One may pass by a particular house and remark that it is very large. Large compared to what? The White House? Probably not. But it is large compared to the average person's house. Presumably the people who live there are wealthy. Thus, the scale of an object will have a great impact on it's meaning.

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Altering the scale of an element in an image will inherently attach meaning to it.

In art, scale can create emphasis in addition to adding meaning to elements in a composition. Scale helps to create a focal point by making an object stand out. Whether this object is of a larger or smaller scale than the rest of the objects, it will draw the viewer's attention.

Unlike many other elements of design, scale is something that simply can not be avoided when painting. Keep this in mind as you work. Whether you choose to depict elements realistically or in a stylized way, they will still have scale. And their scale will affect their meanings.

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