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Ok, so I was making up my new business cards…

Ok, so I was making up my new business cards, and I was getting my uncle’s opinion of what he thought. I stated that I’m a freelance editor and writer, then gave examples of the types of editing and writing that I primarily do. In my mind I would be doing all of this new networking with people in my field, and I had to make a good impression. Though I’m not entirely sure why because in reality I’m still figuring out how to center myself, and sometimes simply maintain, and not stress out about how far along I’m not in life, or how I should be doing more either professionally or personally (for what? to impress others? to feel better about myself when I tell others what I do? whatever.).

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So I had the different types of editing that I do, and my uncle was asking me about what those terms meant, and would someone who wasn’t in my field know what they were. And I said no, probably not. Because it’s true. Most people don’t know what heavy editing or developmental editing is. So I changed it to be very clear and simple. Rachel E. Holt: Editor, Writer.

But that got me thinking that I can go on and on and on about discussing writing, picking it apart (the good and the bad), and the different aspects of editing. So in that sense, I consider myself an editor. And in a very different sense I consider myself a writer.

See, ‘writer’ to me brings forth an image similar to that of the ‘Struggling Artist’ that so many people want to be: isolated, deep in thought, creative, open to new and odd experiences. You know, a Writer.

And so I struggled with calling myself a Writer. But what if I we’re a writer? In a more realistic sense (realistic for me, at least): quiet, needing lots of alone-time (that does overlap), writing when it strikes me. I don’t force it. More often than not it forces me. It’s not too often, though when it hits, it hits hard. And I can’t ignore it. It won’t let me.

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