TOP 5 Newborn Props my Clients LOVE -Calgary Newborn Photographer

#1 Moon Prop

Our clients absolutely LOVE the moon prop. It gets chosen by our clients in almost every newborn photoshoot. Your Calgary Newborn Photographer keeps the baby happy and calm by having them swaddled.   

Calgary Newborn Photographer | Lucid Photography

#2 Fur

Here at Lucid Photography, your professional newborn photographer carries over 22 colors of full size fluffy furs. From neutral color furs like white, cream, tan, brown and gray to vibrant colors like yellow, red and burnt orange. We also carry different shades of pink, blue, purple and green. These large furs work for newborn sessions, twin newborn sessions, as well as older newborn sessions, sitter and toddler sessions. 

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Calgary New born photographer | Calgary Baby Photographer | Lucid Photography | Studio photographer Calgary
Newborn Photography | Lucid photography

#3 Heart bowl

Another favorite is our heart bowl. It is a versatile prop. It is very often used by many Calgary Newborn photography clients. It can be used for either boys or girls. Can be paired with any color wrap and color fur or floor.  

Newborn Photographer Calgary | Lucid Photography
Calgary newborn Photographer | Lucid Photography | Newborn Photo Props
Calgary Newborn Photographer | Lucid Photography

#4 Bucket

Your Calgary Newborn photographer, Lucid Photography offers a variety of buckets and baskets for clients to use. We also have a large variety of floors and wraps for our clients to pair with the props of their choice to create their perfect look. 

Newborn Photographer in Calgary | Lucid photography | Studio Photographer
Calgary Newborn Photoshoot | Lucid Photography
Calgary Newborn Photographer | Calgary Photographer | Lucid Photography

#5 Truck

Our vintage Tonka Truck is one of the props we get asked about the most! This perfect size vintage prop can be used on any set up and paired with any wrap color. We use it for both boys and girls! 

Calgary Newborn Photographer | Lucid Photography

At Lucid Photography we can help you create the perfect shot. Lets make your vision come to life!

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