What to Include In Your Baby Registry

Preparing for the arrival of your little bundle of joy is an incredible and joyful time in your life. Many new parents will be looking forward to a baby shower to celebrate their baby’s arrival.  One of the most important aspect of preparation is knowing what to include in your baby registry. A Baby Registry is a list of must-have items and newborn necessities that will make the transition into parenthood smoother. In this guide, you will find the essentials  to include your baby registry, helping you ensure you have everything you need for your newborn‘s arrival! 

  1. Car Seat and Stroller
  • Whether you drive or not, you will often find a having a stroller that can have a car seat click into it beneficial – especially in the early months when you have many appointments to attend to and with a car seat and stroller system you can leave baby in the car seat while travelling between locations. This way baby can sleep nice and sound without interruption their nap while being transported from location to location. 
  • Brands such as Nuna have excellent options that are easy to use!
  • When purchasing car seats, be such to check for expiry date. It is important to purchase from a reputable store as they will carry car seats that meet safety regulations and can recommend suitable seats for your vehicle. 
  1. Newborn Crib and Crib Mattress
  • When selecting a crib, you are looking for a sturdy and safe crib for your little one. You also need a comfortable mattress for baby.  Throughout the years, there are certain designs that are no-longer recommended and cannot be sold, or even re-sold as second hand items so it is very important to check the brands you are considering and buying from a reputable place. 
  • Be sure to check Canadian safety guidelines as different countries have their own set of safety requirements for newborns providing a secure sleeping environment for your newborn.
  1. Change Table and Diapering Essentials 
  • One of the key activities you’ll spend most of your day doing and become an expert in as soon as baby is born-  will be changing lots and LOTS of diapers!  Babies are experts in their own way in the never-ending cycle of sleep-eat-diaper change. 
  • To ensure you have all the diapering essentials, you’ll want to include a changing table / changing pad,  along with essential diapering items such as newborn diapers, wipes (wipe warmer is always a good addition to keep baby happy), diaper cream, and a diaper pail
  • Diaper pails such as Diaper Genies are better than regular garbage cans as they are designed to conceal smells. This will help keep the home from smelling bad until then next garbage disposal day. 
  1. Feeding and Accessories
  • Whether you plan to breastfeed,  formula feed, or a mix of both – be prepared to be flexible! The most important is to ensure baby is happily fed and comfortable! Some moms will want to invest in a high-quality breast pump. Breast pumps  come in electric and manual – it’s all a personal preference. Some pumps are hands free.
  • A nursing pillow will come in handy no matter how you decide to feed baby. 
  • Nursing cover can be handy if you are planning on breastfeeding.
  • Nursing bras, nursing pads and nipple cream are some essentials you’ll need for your breastfeeding journey.
  • For most parents, even ones who decide to nurse baby, you will likely still want to have a couple of bottles available in case baby is fed pumped milk or topped up with formula.
  • With bottle feeding, you will want to also get a bottle sterilizer, and a bottle drying rack. 
  1. Extra Essentials
  • Many parents invest in a baby carrier or wrap. 
  • Baby Bassinet to keep baby close to you in the first couple of months when you will be feeding frequently.
  • Baby monitor
  • Baby clothes. Onesies, sleepers, and cute outfits for different seasons are essential for your baby’s wardrobe.
  • Swaddle blankets and sleep sacks
  • Baby swing and / or baby bouncer

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